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4 Reasons You Need a Land Real Estate Agent


Selling land is different from selling a house. There are multiple property types—recreational land, farmland, rural land, ranch land, residential, commercial, or industrial development land, just to name a few—and each requires special knowledge and a unique skill set to sell for a fair price. That’s why when it’s time to sell your land, no matter what type it is, you should partner with a real estate agent experienced in selling land. 

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How Much Is My Land Worth? How to Value Your Farm and Prep for Sale


This is likely the first question that comes to mind when you consider selling your farm. After all, you have to know what the land is worth to decide on a sale price. But figuring out that number can be tough, especially if you have other assets such as personal property or an income stream tied to your land. There are a few different ways you can establish land value for a farm and some basic things to do to prepare your property for sale. To help streamline the process, we’ve put together this guide that walks you through the steps from finding out your land’s worth to putting it on the market.

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How to Sell Your Business Online (For the Best Price)


When a business owner is ready to exit their business, they often don’t realize that there are multiple options for selling. One of those options is using the internet to make the selling process go faster and more smoothly. Online business selling allows small business owners to reach a large number of prospective buyers as well as providing resources for the owners that are considering selling their business.

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